Apr 06

Lighter evenings and a spring in your step?

That happy feeling may not last if your lighting bill is the same all year round. Illuminating internal and external areas depends on natural daylight, so if we are getting more of it, why are the lights still on?

Is your time clock set correctly?
Ensuring your time clocks are set to British Summer Time should mean that the required light will automatically adjust. Time clocks are not fail safe so a cost saving alternative is to install daylight sensors or photocells.

External Lighting
Lighting external car parks and spaces costs more money due to the higher light output required. Which in turn affects the energy usage. As the mornings become brighter and the evenings lighter, the need for lighting shrinks massively.   Car park lighting is essential to its safety of staff and customers, but at 4pm when the sun is blazing in the summer months, it is a wasted resource. New lighting technologies with smart controls identify natural light so usage is managed efficiently.

Internal Lighting
Lighting an internal space depends on what it is used for. For example, a retail space’s lighting is crucial to the sale of goods. If an office or industrial space, then working conditions and wellbeing also need to be considered.

Lighting controls are increasingly popular in the workplace as lighting can be dimmed or switched off when not in use, saving money and energy. With the addition of daylight sensors this adds further control, which in an office area means reduced artificial light beaming overhead. As a lighting company we obviously recommend a certain level of light, but we also understand the need for efficient lighting that works for you. Embrace the window lighting with daylight sensors and smart controls that are set correctly.

Spring lighting check
Ask yourself a few questions;

1. Have you checked if your time clocks work?
2. Do you have daylight sensors installed?
3. Is your lighting running efficiently?
4. When is your next planned visit from your lighting provider?

If you can answer those questions positively, then you are on the right path to reducing your lighting costs. However, if you were unsure and want to understand what is the most efficient way to manage the lighting for your business as we approach summer. Now is the time to act.

If you would like further guidance when it comes to cost-effective ways to manage your lighting estate we have the expertise to help.   To find out more click here or call PLM on 01256 897510

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