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Lighting Maintenance Engineer Liam Chambers became a part of the PLM team 2 years ago today. Known for his cheeky chappy, glass half full attitude, Liam has made a positive impact on anyone he’s met at the business.

60 Seconds with PLM’s Liam Chambers

By Roni Hylton, Communications Assistant


Lighting Maintenance Engineer Liam Chambers became a part of the PLM team 2 years ago today.

Known for his cheeky chappy, glass half full attitude, Liam has made a positive impact on anyone he’s met at the business. Well mainly everyone, except Deb. Always keen for more work and rarely says no, Liam is an asset to PLM. For my first trip out with an Engineer, this was a real eye-opener. I left the day having made a new friend in Liam and a better understanding of what it is truly like to be an engineer out in the field. Not only that, we were able to collectively come up with some fresh ideas on improving our external team’s communication.

Whilst we drove along the Brighton coast between jobs, I asked Liam some questions about his time as a part of the PLM team, what keeps him focused and ready for the day, along with what he gets up to outside the confines of these four walls. Or, four doors in his case.

How did you get into the Service Industry?

Originally, I applied for the role of an AC Maintenance and Cleaning Engineer, and to my surprise, the Company Director offered me an apprenticeship for Electrical works. Totally different to my original plan but staring the opportunity in the face, I chose a new path. I was working full time as a member of the PLM team and attending college one day a week so I could become a qualified electrician. I’ve not looked back and have been doing it ever since.

What’s this beef with Deb from Business Support Services?

Saints are going down, Pompey are going up. Enough said.

Moving on from football politics, what keeps you entertained out on the road?

I tend to listen to music or 5Live depending on what’s going on in the sporting world. As our vans have Bluetooth, but no AC, I can stream some trance or dance music. Blasting some tunes makes the distance between call outs less boring. To be honest, I’ll listen to anything except heavy metal or rock!

What are some of the challenges you find with the job?

Traffic. Traffic. Traffic. Well, mainly traffic but parking is also a nightmare! They’re my biggest challenges so far. I have started using the Waze App so that I can navigate more efficiently. But if I am completely honest, sometimes the expectations of trying to get it all done can be quite high. Although since we have gone live on our new system, I’ve noticed improvements to the planning of my days and time allowed for jobs. So, the PLM team are less rushed off our feet and can allow for traffic or time to find that one space.

Since PLM went paperless, how have you found Service Centre?

Spot on! It is a lot easier to use and I can access all of the information without having to call the office. Being able to tap into the notes from my (or anyone else’s) previous visits, means I can take the right stock and just get the job done. It’s quick and easy to upload photos and site-specific documents like permit to works and health and safety sheets as well. Which I’m told makes an easier life for the Office Team.

What is your go-to drink while you’re out and about?

Hands down coffee with two sugars and a bit of milk. It keeps me going as I can sometimes be out on the road from like 5am. Occasionally, if I’m lucky, the store manager will offer me a freebie. Heading into Starbucks has its perks and I’m hoping soon we can get Subway on board as a Client, then I’ll be sorted.

As PLM offer a range of lighting services, do you prefer a specific type?

I tend to like Reactive Callouts as you know what the problem is before you attend, you’re not going in blind. It feels like you are going there to solve the problem and you come away having fixed it.

When you get home from work, what is the first thing you do?

Give my little boy Mason, who’s three months old, a cuddle, head for the shower and then relax with him and my partner. If I am feeling energetic, I’ll head out and play some five-a-side with some mates. I tend to save that for the weekends though when I have a bit more energy and can take my two boys, Mason and Ashton, or head to a match down at Fratton Park.

Have you seen any positive changes during your time at PLM?

Yes, definitely! The new system has made it so much easier for us Engineers. No more planning our days or paperwork posting at the end of the week. I prefer not using paper, so really happy with this outcome. Also, our stock is so much easier to track on our devices so that Matt, our Logistics guy can top us up whenever we’re running low.

As a valued member of the PLM Team, we would like to say thank you for your service Liam and happy two-year anniversary. Here’s to you, and hopefully many more years at PLM.

PS. We must say, after this article was written Deb had the last laugh as Saints stayed where they were.

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