Oct 30

Winter is coming! Have you carried out your External Lighting Health Check?

We’ve all enjoyed that extra hour in bed this weekend, but have you carried out your external lighting checks on your commercial property?

External Lighting

External lighting is essential during the winter months, as the daylight escapes us by roughly two minutes per day, your responsibility is now making sure your employees and customers are safe.
Another added benefit keeping your external lighting working correctly increases sales, how will customers know that you are open if you fail to illuminate your outside areas.

Health hazards are heightened during the winter months as there is less natural light, the weather change means there are more chances to slip, trip or fall. Making sure that all areas are well lit will have a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Budget Increase

It’s a no-brainer. If the lights are on more hours of the day then you will use more energy, costing more money. Future proofing your estate has never made more sense with the advantages of LED lighting and controls. Eliminate unplanned spending in the budget by reducing the number of reactive visits and sticking to planned preventative maintenance.

By booking visits in advance means that mechanical access is taken on the day of the visit. Ensure all issues are sorted on the day of attendance and winter will come and go with no worries.

Final Checks

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. Have you checked if your time clocks work?
  2. Are your time clocks set to come on and off at the correct time?
  3. Do you have daylight sensors installed?
  4. Have the lighting components and lamps been changed recently?
  5. Is your lighting running efficiently?
  6. Have you got a planned visit from your lighting provider booked?
  7. Do your employees, and customers feel safe when arriving and departing?

Were you confident in your answers? If so, I’m sorry for wasting your time, read no further. However, if you were unsure and are experiencing higher costs than normal, now is the time to act.

As experts in the Lighting Industry with nearly 50 years of experience, we can help you identify large or small changes to making sure your estate is ready for the dark nights.

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